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Our Mission

Glad that you stopped by to visit, hope you enjoy browsing our products and learning more about our #movement. 


We are excited to have you on this journey with us.


Our mission is quite simple.  The goal is to celebrate young, black girls today through our message and products, encouraging them to change the narrative, the negative self talk that is amplified by the stereotypes placed on us by society.  We want them to exude confidence and instead of feeling insecure or inadequate about their naturally curly hair, full lips and darker skin tones, we want them to embrace it.  To stand and honor who they are, unapologetically.


Designz By Morgan was born out of our own need to encourage Morgan during a period when she was the subject of a mean kids joke because of her “nappy” hair.    While our vision is demonstrated through our products that are designed to encourage and build confidence in our young girls, we just don’t stop there. 


We are partnering with local shelters in DC, MD and VA for women and children, donating books and games for young children.